This is the Mole for 2022: 'I feel like ten kilos lighter' |  television

This is the Mole for 2022: ‘I feel like ten kilos lighter’ | television

Efron’s first reaction after his unveiling was, “I feel like he’s 10 kilos lighter.” The three finalists from Who is a mole? I stood disguised on the balcony of Rode Hoed in Amsterdam, where the broadcast took place. There he finally took off his mask.

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His goal was to go as low as ever, and he succeeded. With Mol-being of Everon, €5,000 came out of the pot, making it the lowest amount of money in the history of 22 seasons of Who is a mole? Fact: 8,056 euros. The actor managed to get relief from Glen Faria in the first episode, which included minimal money.

Six months later, Freesia and Kim Lian heard the results of their final test. Freesia got 34 of the 40 questions right, and Kim Lian too! But Freesia was fifty seconds faster with her answers. Donate prize money to charities. Part of the money will go to the Favela Street Foundation, the Roki Hihakija organization, which participated in last season Who is a mole? won.

After playing the last game and taking the final test, it was over for the trio. De Mol’s identity was already announced during a masked ball in Albania. All participants of this season were present. And it became clear during the broadcast on Saturday evening who will be the winner and the final loser.

First, a comprehensive look at the eight dropouts was taken. Susan Kleiman, who was the first to leave the game, caught up with the others. Everyone was invited to the ball by De Mol, and no one had ever been to Holland before. In addition to the finalists, Susan, Glenn, Hila Norzai, Wolmoyd Sigsma, Arno Kantelberg, Sahil Ammar Issa, and Laetitia Gerards participated in the search for De Mol.

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Molotin and Kim Lian were most suspected of Freesia the least. The latter collected the most money. Her eyes can be seen behind the mask in this season’s promo of Who is a mole? It wasn’t as big a hint as he had initially thought.

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