Les Misérables – musical 2023

Les Misérables – musical 2023

After years of absence, Victor Hugo’s classics Les Miserables It can now be seen again in Dutch theatres. This top production has been given a new look and is now bigger and more convincing than ever. The leading roles are reserved for Milan van Wardenburg, Frick Bartels and Fagen van de Bosch.

valid for decades Les Miserables all over the world as a huge crowd favourite. The musical won several Tony Awards, Academy Awards, Grammys, and Music Awards. Joop van den Ende’s products were also an unprecedented success in our country. In the 1990s, the roles were played by Pia Dues, Henke Bort, Ernst Daniel Smit, Simon Kleinsma, and Paul de Leeuw, among others. In the newer version of 2008, we saw Renee van Kooten, among othersAnd Jimmy Lowman And Carlo Bouchard on the podium.

Les Miserables – the story

Victor Hugo says with Les Miserables A touching story about freedom, friendship and love. In nineteenth century France, poverty reigned. After 19 years in a concentration camp, freedom seems within Jean Valjean’s reach, but that’s not counting his guard, Javert. Valjean tries to start over with a new identity, but finds it hard to put his past to rest. Meanwhile, Javert doesn’t shy away from any means of catching him again. Can Valjean complete his quest for freedom?

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Cast stars

De Graaf & Cornelissen Entertainment is now bringing back the massive production of producer Cameron Mackintosh to the Netherlands. A minimum of 15 trailers are required to transport the decoration from the UK! Once again, an all-star cast is chosen to bring Hugo’s story to the audience. Milan van Waardenburg, René van Cutten, Frick Bartels, Fagen van den Bosch and Ellen Pieters appear, among others.

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