Looking forward to the Hazes test party: "Happy Faces, Important Statements"

Looking forward to the Hazes test party: “Happy Faces, Important Statements”

But test events are not just organized for fun, they should provide more information about visitor behavior and the potential risks of the spread of the Coronavirus. “It was really a party,” says Tim Borsma of Fieldlab Events of Ziggo Dome. “It was cool to see everyone go crazy again. Only the happy faces.” “But we are particularly looking forward to the data we collect. This is a behavioral study. So we are monitoring the number of contact moments and the duration of those moments.”

This weekend is the third phase in the Fieldlab series. The events of the first trial were held in February Business conference A nightclub Guido Wiers performed at the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht. It turned out that no one was injured after that.

In February, more than 1,100 spectators were accepted as a single test Football match Between NEC and De Graafschap (second phase). In addition to one person infected with Corona infection. A week later, 1500 visitors were allowed into the city of Almira FC-Cambuur Leeuwarden.


Whether it is a football match, a Dutch music festival, or a dance party: all visitors must be able to demonstrate a negative aura test result when entering the event. Boersma: “On Thursday, 1,589 people took a PCR test before yesterday’s party, and 11 of them tested positive. Of course, these people are no longer welcome at the party and will get money from their ticket,” says Boersma.

Before the André Hazes party, all 1,489 visitors and staff underwent a PCR test. Seven people have been found infected with the Coronavirus.

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Moreover, temperature is measured on arrival and rapid, randomized tests are performed. Inside, visitors are given a motion sensor to monitor how closely people are communicating with each other. The crowd today is divided into Five bubbles 250 people.

“Yesterday we saw that people do not fully obey the rules,” says Boersma. For example, not everyone wore a mouth mask without stopping and visitors still ended up in a gathering. “This is not a problem for the research, we want the most accurate representation of reality. Although you can control the behavior. It is noticeable, for example, that in bubbles where there are points on the ground, people still keep a greater distance than in boxes without points.” “.

Visitors look forward to spending an afternoon at the bar:

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