Fellow Patrick J.  Adams slams the British royal family |  Entertainment

Fellow Patrick J. Adams slams the British royal family | Entertainment

“Megan and I have worked together at Suits for most of the past decade. Since day one, she has been an enthusiastic, friendly, helpful, loving, cheerful and supportive member of our TV family. She has stayed that way despite her rising fame and stature” it starts Patrick, Who played Mike Ross in suit, His account.

She fell in love, moved to a new country, became a household name around the world and started the difficult task of finding her place in a family dynamic that can be described as complex at best and looking old-fashioned and handsome at worst, ”Said Patrick. Megan has been under constant attack by the newspapers, which has made the actor “sick and sick.” “But I also know that Megan is stronger than what people realize or understand.”

Bullying behavior

Then it was built Archie I was born, think Patrick Megan and Prince Harry Get more comfort. “On any decent planet, this would be the time to stop sharpening knives and let these two enjoy the first magical months and years of creating a family. But we don’t live on such a planet, and instead the hunting continues.”

The final story revolves around Megan who is said to have made the lives of many palace workers miserable. Buckingham Palace announced on Wednesday that the court will investigate the bullying allegations.


It’s hard for Patrick to understand, especially since Megan is now pregnant. “It’s obscene, given that the newest member of the family is currently growing into it, the royal family is promoting and reinforcing allegations of“ bullying ”against a woman who was actually forced to flee the UK to keep her family and her private home. Protecting mental health.”

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“In my opinion, this last chapter and timing is just another startling example of the rudeness of an organization that is no longer relevant and lacks credibility and decency,” concluded Patrick. “I am looking for someone else to rebuke and torture. My friend Megan is out of reach.”

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