Stefan Hendricks "Funny" won the Leids Cabaret Festival

Stefan Hendricks “Funny” won the Leids Cabaret Festival

Stefan Hendricks won the Jury Prize at the 43rd edition of the Leeds Cabaret Festival. says in jury report† “It’s really funny.”

The 31-year-old Hendrix performed in the finale at the Leiden Theater with a program about what he calls “being a man in a post-apocalyptic society”. Jury member Nina de la Croix said: NOS with a view of tomorrow† “It’s not ethical, but it’s humorous.”


Hendrix, born in Venlo, graduated as a comedian from the Koningstheater Academy in Den Bosch in 2013 and has since practiced primarily cabaret improvisation. With fellow comedian Andres Tonroe and pianist Joep Holigi, he formed the improvisational group Limited Durability.

Hendrikx sees people like Daniel Arends and Henri van Loon in the Netherlands as examples, he told Het Oog. Judge de la Croix believes he can follow in their footsteps in terms of success. “He has all aspects that I think could be great.”

Three winners

The other two finalists at the Leids Cabaret Festival also received awards. Pete van Eggen received the Audience Award and the Student Celine Schrama Award. This was the first time in the festival’s history that prizes were awarded to all finalists.

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