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Marlijn Weerdenburg does not intend to become the best friend of the program participants The DNA is unknownpresented in the new season. Weerdenburg says Veronica Superguide That she had to find a way to keep a sufficient distance from people searching for her roots.

“I’ve done the whole shoot a few times, but I want to keep my craft. It’s not meant for this person to think they have a new best friend,” Weerdenburg explains. “I also don’t like announcers who are constantly hanging around someone’s neck and saying ‘baby.'”

Presenter takes the program The DNA is unknown About Dion Stax. Stax was introduced by Caroline Tensen. “The warmth and feeling that Caroline has, that’s really a gift. What a professional woman she is,” says Weerdenburg. I watched many episodes and texted Tensen. “It kind of gave off grace and I really love that.”

Weerdenburg believes Stax gave the show its own twist by making it more journalistic. “I basically humanize it, with a lot of empathy.” Weerdenburg traveled alone to and from the recordings to address the program’s feelings. “With this I leave the emotions and story of others in my car and go home refreshed.”

The new season of The DNA is unknown It can be seen from January 18th.

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