Sarah Michelle Gellar: “Guys Still Don’t Take Me Seriously On Set” | Movies and TV shows

Despite her success in many films and series, Sarah Michelle Gellar notes that men in the profession do not always take her seriously. The actress says this in an interview with Watchman.

In 2021 Gellar criticized the work climate in the production of the series Buffy the Vampire Slayerwhich aired between 1997 and 2003. A toxic macho culture could have pervaded the set.

Nowadays, film scores will be more friendly, says the actress in response to the new series wolf pack. Involved as an actress and producer.

“It’s much easier for actors to approach me when they’re not comfortable,” Gellar says. Or even if they don’t like their hair or makeup. However, not everything works out as you would like.

“I still don’t get taken seriously by men on set,” says the 45-year-old actress. “Sometimes it’s still necessary to read my resume. And I mention how many series I’ve done, how much experience I have with 250 extras a second in the morning, a late take or a stunt. Not only do I have that kind of production of things, but I also played in them.” By myself. Listen to me, because I know what it’s like.

In this regard, Gellar is different than he used to be, “I can say things like that now,” notes the actress. Ten years ago it might have been different.

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