Nienke Plas shares an emotional update from the hospital

Nienke Plas shares an emotional update from the hospital

Ninky talks about the bloody snot she coughs up before Harley’s hospitalization in AMC’s pediatric intensive care unit. The doctor refers them to the hospital, where they make a shocking discovery after an emergency ride in the ambulance: she has a congenital heart defect and must undergo emergency surgery. “It was really kind of special,” says Ninky. “This really is every parent’s nightmare.”

“It looks like we’re in for a bad movie,” adds Risley. “Doctors put you in a room and then tell you it could end badly. This is dangerous. You move from one hospital to another.”

The first operation finished and went well. She is stable and is now off the ventilator. Now she has to gain strength to be able to get off the IC and to reduce the medication. When Harley grows up, she will have to go under the knife again. “We remain positive,” said Ninky, who says she is in “survival mode.” “She is a strong girl. If she had the fighting strength of her mom and dad, she now dreams of the future how she smiles at the world with her patched heart.”

Nienke also shows in his vlog how Harley, on all sorts of cables and devices. “Looks like a Google server is connected to d’r.” She also describes how “yap” is in her “little body”. The parents are also deeply affected by the other children in the ICU.

You can watch Nienke’s full vlog below. Followers say they watched the photos in tears. “All the respect you share too,” he seems, among other things.

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