Rapper Snelle gets applause after penalizing a beer-thrower: 'I really don't feel like it' |  show

Rapper Snelle gets applause after penalizing a beer-thrower: ‘I really don’t feel like it’ | show

“Beer comes here on a machine – believe me, my friend, you have to work a long time for it.” That’s how he began scolding rapper Deventer Lars Boss, better known as Snelle, during a Friday night show.

Snelle stopped performing when a beer was thrown during the Badpop Festival in North Holland. He walked over to the guitarist, whose equipment got wet.

“This boy has worked for a long time for this,” the rapper told his fans. ,, We’re working hard anyway, we don’t feel that shit, do we? ”

“I don’t feel like it”

With an arm motion, Snelle gestured to the rest of the musicians on stage. “There are all kinds of expensive equipment here, and I don’t feel like it. I really don’t really feel like it.”

His comments were met with praise. After being reprimanded, the rapper picked up the thread and announced the next song.

Another approach

Many performers can now talk about it: showering with beer during a performance. While some, like Snelle, amuse the audience, others give up on the spot.

The latter happened recently during a performance by Mart Hoggkammer at Becom. The singer who achieved great success in the summer with the song last year And I’m going swimminghe was on stage for exactly sixteen seconds, until six glasses of beer fell from the audience right in front of him and he threw the towel.

Singer Maan also thanked her for the honor and disappeared from the shelves after one song due to the brewers at Lechem.

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Limburg’s band, Rowwen Hèze, is also not aware of the phenomenon, but does not see it as a reason to stop performing. “We’re not excited to have beer on us either, but it’s happening and we’re dealing with it,” said manager Rudi Havermans. “We don’t want to punish 98 percent of the public.”

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