Gerard Juling describes Johann Dirksen as a "hero" who "dares to say it all"

Gerard Juling describes Johann Dirksen as a “hero” who “dares to say it all”

Gerard Golling joined last night lover To give his honest opinion about the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. But he couldn’t resist responding to the surrounding Dirksen riots indoors today. Because according to Golling, Dirksen is a “champion” and he praises the fact that a football analyst dares to say it all.

Johann Dirksen and his comrades-VIFaces disappeared after the controversial candle story from the tube† Yesterday the news came out that the program Today inside may come back. Dirksen and Jenny themselves knew nothing of this rumor.

Gerard Juling pays tribute to Johann Derricksen in Bo

Anyway, Joling would like the show to come back. “Wilfried is kind of a reporter and then they both go deeper. Then Johan sometimes goes too far. It makes me happy.” He says he appeared on their show about ten times. “It’s always a little tacky and I’m working on it myself.” Yuling is convinced that Dirksen should return. “I think he is a hero. If you dare name and say so much.” The singer calls it what it is called and it is said in it Today inside Falls under “joke”.

Later lover Joling still regularly joins in other discussions. For example, he does not hesitate to give his opinion about the crowds in Schiphol. Some viewers appreciate Joling giving his inconsistent opinion and throwing in a typical Joling comment here and there.

Re-launch today at home?

Talpa wants to start with today inside, with Dirksen. But the football analyst himself denies that: The door is really closed for him† Report the news agency AP† I have stopped taking it and will leave it at that, says TV Producer. “There may be conversations, but at least they’re not with me.” Dirksen says he doesn’t need to, either.

Johan Dirksen will stop with Today Inside, right at the end? “door closed”

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Gerard Juling describes Johann Dirksen as a “hero” who “dares to say it all”

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