Chrissy Teigen’s favorite Dutch sausage was almost not on the menu: ‘Too Dense’ |  entertainment

Chrissy Teigen’s favorite Dutch sausage was almost not on the menu: ‘Too Dense’ | entertainment

The owners are still reeling from all the attention they’ve received after supermodel Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram post last week. Earlier this week, she was in Amsterdam with her husband John Legend, and he sang during the North Sea Jazz Festival in The Hague. The world-famous couple decided to go to the capital after the performance.

Suddenly they showed up with some friends at the Foodcrepe booth, a small tent located in Museum Square. Welholder says her son Buddy, who is also involved in the family’s business, initially did not recognize the couple in Hollywood at all. When another fellow John Legend finally saw, they decided to leave them alone. “We always do that,” Wellheader says calmly.

According to Wielhouder, celebrities visit often. “But we won’t bother them or ask them to post anything,” she says. “That’s why Chrissy was so much more fun herself.”

The text continues at the bottom of the post.

“Not exactly a typical food”

“Really the best sausage I’ve ever eaten, with the best tender bun,” Chrissy wrote excitedly in her Instagram post, with a photo and video showing the model sliding inside. It also describes in detail where you can find the kiosk in Amsterdam. You couldn’t wish for a better advertisement as a catering operator.

However, Willheader did not see such compliments on the coming of the hangover dog. It’s a nice sandwich, that’s not all. But also very intense,” says Willhurd. So the ingredients aren’t particularly easy to digest. There are three types of meat on the bread: sausage, bacon and fried salami. There’s also cheese, Amsterdam Piccalelli and sauerkraut. “Not exactly typical food,” As Willhoder says.

Usually people pay a lot for it, but with us this was purely a coincidence.

She goes on to say that she invented every hot dog with her husband, Mark, who recently passed away. He was a complete believer in the hangover dog, but she was skeptical because of its composition. He laughs: If he had heard that this sandwich specifically makes us so famous, I would certainly have heard it from him.”

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Foodcrib kiosk owners noticed right away that it really got busier after Chrissy’s post. People come to our booth privately and order the sandwich. They also take Instagram photos.” So they bought an extra sausage.” It’s really nice that Chrissy did this. Normally people pay a lot for it, but with us it was purely a coincidence.”

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