Producer De Slimste Mens is considering successors Philippe Freireux and Martin van Rossem

Although according to Skyhigh TV CEO Mark Dick, both gentlemen “live consciously” and “take good care of their health” and there are no plans yet to replace the men, behind the scenes people are already pondering who the prospects might be. will be the successors. Maybe.

“They’re still very lively, because I’ve read all kinds of articles, including ones in newspapers, about Philippe Frericks being unchained this season. And he’s more flexible than ever,” Mark says on the podcast. Content wars. “I also talk regularly to Martin myself and let me say: The wear and tear is not over yet.”

But he also realizes that the two are about 80 years old. Behind the scenes, this is being carefully considered The smartest person Without the fun duo. “Those thoughts naturally pass through our heads and we think about it too. Not in the sense that contracts are already ready with new people, but we have to think about it. Yes, there is no other way of course.”

Christine Jan van Nieuwenhausen, who hosts the podcast and is a cousin of Phillip Frix, is convinced the show will continue to be successful without the duo. He admits: “I think they play a big part in the success. But now this title is so strong and popular that if you do it with other presenters, it will still score.” “Maybe not the numbers you’re getting now (…), but this title is very powerful.”

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