Jet Berkhot on Tar: ‘It’s a really crushing movie’

Jet Berkhot on Tar: ‘It’s a really crushing movie’

Six Academy Award nominations and a five-star review after another for Tár. In it, Cate Blanchett stars in the sky as supreme conductor Lydia Tarr who goes above and beyond her book. NPO Radio 4 presenter Jet Berkhout and director Maria Peters tells Op1 why everyone should see this movie.

Geet Barkhout says the film is rightly praised by him from all quarters. “It’s a really overwhelming movie. Perhaps the best way to describe it is how I was in the cinema when I saw it.”

It started out slow somehow, and yet so much happened in those 10 minutes visually, both in terms of acting and in terms of the inside info, that you immediately realize as a classical music student that every detail was taken care of. I actually wanted to hit pause in the cinema. Immediately to process what you saw.

“They’re very familiar with the world that it’s happening in. And at the same time it’s dealing with so many topics at the same time. It’s so complex and layered. I really just want to see it again right away.”

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Cate Blanchett

Director Maria Peters was very impressed with Cate Blanchett, who played the main role in the film. “I thought she was exceptional. I know from experience that playing is really hard. She does it really well. She does it loosely, as it really is.”

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