Producer and actor Hans Kornelisen receives a knighthood at his premiere |  stars

Producer and actor Hans Kornelisen receives a knighthood at his premiere | stars

Cornelissen was knighted for his great and important contributions to the Dutch cultural sector. As a producer, he has been in charge of musical acts such as Hope for the bestAnd PhabletgescrantAnd full monty employment Lisbeth. This season, his company produces next Titanic – Including René van Kooten, Wieneke Remmers, Dennis Willekens and Mariska van Kolck – New music releases from Horror Rocky Show employment prom. As an actor, Cornelissen became famous in the 1980s thanks to his role as Gert Jan van der Ploeg in Megahit. Tell us Aaa.

Cornelissen is proud to have been knighted in the Orange-Nassau Order. The theatrical producer said in a statement that although the Royal Award was the last thing he expected. “I consider this award a great honor, but I would never have done it alone. I work with talent outside, inside our beautiful company and with the front of my house. I would not have achieved this without them.”

The stage maker started production company De Graaf & Cornelissen Entertainment in 2001 with Ruud de Graaf. De Graaf is proud, too. “These are not easy times for theaters, but Hans never gives up,” he says of his partner. “He is always forward looking and possible and uses his creativity, energy and passion to produce innovatively and to a high standard every time! He also knows how to drive (young) talent, his staff, our colleagues and our crew time and time again. The theater world cannot do without people like Hans Cornelissen”.

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