Eric van Miswinkel got goosebumps during the return of the hoofdpet

Eric van Miswinkel got goosebumps during the return of the hoofdpet

The 60-year-old comedian passed away in 2016 with fellow comedian Jochem Meijer, after two decades Sinterklaas أخبار News Because they felt Peet’s color was not changing fast enough. That year, RTL decided to say goodbye to the traditional black-painted house. NTR waited another three years for the transformation to complete.

Eric is now playing the role in a YouTube series Sinterclass crew. This is done in consultation with Jerry Avery, leader of the Kick Out Zwarte Piet working group. Pieten in the series has a warm, sun-kissed complexion as she spends most of the year in Spain. Packages are delivered with a special gold key, making chimney and even smudges of soot a thing of the past.

The comedian is glad that many cities have invited Petain painted black in the past five years. He said on Radio 1: “It’s about making Pieten look festive. The new color doesn’t make a difference to the kids, to the party atmosphere and whatever distinction the opponents always point out. The party works too. It might work too. Without the 19th century cartoon we had before” .

By the way, he still looks at it honestly Sinterklaas أخبار Newsadmits. The comedian is full of praise for his successor, Nils van der Laan: “The hoofdpet that is now wandering is a genius.” The first episode of the new season of Sinterclass crew It can be seen on YouTube from Monday.

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