Glass Onion was watched 82.1 million hours in its first weekend | show

the movie Glass Onion: Takes the mystery out of the cutlery A total of 82.1 million hours were watched in the weekend that Netflix debuted, according to the streaming service itself’s calculation. The film runs 139 minutes and was seen in 35 million households worldwide over the Christmas holidays, bringing Netflix to the total number of hours.

The many hours the movie has already been watched makes this the sixth best movie launch on Netflix since 2020, which is the year the company started sharing these kinds of numbers. The first place in the list of successful opening weekends for a movie on Netflix is ​​for Save notificationwhich started in 2021 with 148.7 million watch hours.

The movie starring Daniel Craig is a sequel to the movie Take out the knives from 2019 and was first seen briefly in cinema before taking over the streaming service. It was previously announced that there will be a third part of the series.

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