Perry Mason does it completely differently

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Perry Mason does it completely differently

The second season of Perry Mason soon. Anyway, Matthew Rhys is getting ready for the next batch of episodes.

HBO Max decided to give the series a second season in the summer of 2020. The premiere was watched by at least 8 million people in the United States, and the series did well immediately. Now that season two is approaching, Reese is going into plans.

very different point

“I know they’re working on it. That’s great, because at the end of season one we see Perry starting a whole new chapter in his life,” Reese says.

“So you pick up on the topic, but at the same time you also start something completely new, something different. Looking at the person that he is, how he faces the legal system and all the obstacles that come with it, I think it can be very exciting.”

Perry Mason So he’s getting a second season. We don’t know exactly when this will air on HBO Max just yet, but at least filming is about to begin. This is really good news.

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