Confirmed: Harry and Meghan are welcome at Charles’ coronation

Confirmed: Harry and Meghan are welcome at Charles’ coronation

Whether they exist remains to be seen. Charles at least offered the couple the possibility of staying at Frogmore Cottage if they accepted his invitation. That must have been harsh, as Charles recently officially evicted the couple from Frogmore Cottage. The cottage is actually the late Elizabeth’s gift to her grandson and his wife. Charles came to this decision after the release of Harry’s biography.

Princess Eugenie, Harry’s pregnant cousin, and her family split their time between England and Portugal, due to her husband’s work. When in the UK they stay at Frogmore Cottage. She is currently helping the couple pack and ship their belongings to the US.

According to rumors, the chance that Harry and Meghan will attend the coronation is not very high. Harry is currently not on good terms with his brother William, and the coronation also marks the fourth birthday of Archie, Harry and Meghan’s son. When asked, their spokesperson said that they “do not yet want to announce whether they will come”.

Sources say Harry is worried about the reaction he will get from his family and the British people. King Charles will be “very mad” about Harry’s revelations about Camilla in his book Memorizes. In the book, he accuses her of, among other things, leaking private matters to the media in order to maintain her image.

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