Moon booed for asking a 'stupid' dinosaur |  gossip

Moon booed for asking a ‘stupid’ dinosaur | gossip

After Monday’s episode, in which a discussion about a coronavirus vaccine spiraled out of control, and Poe finally cried out in frustration that everyone should shut up, things were calmer on Tuesday. The program is still trending again on Twitter. This time, however, it had nothing to do with Poe’s behavior, but gloss.

Besides Maan, Martin van Rossem and Giggs Rademaker also joined us to talk about dinosaurs. Men are so fond of animals that they created a podcast because they fear that people today have very little knowledge of dinosaurs. and show up. While the men talk enthusiastically about the extinct reptiles, Maan also engages in the conversation. “But how do you know all these dinosaur names? If this was so long ago…,” she asks out loud.

While Rademaker meticulously explains to her that these names have been given by scientists, Twitter has gone wild. One of them wrote on Twitter: “Did Maan think that dinosaurs called themselves those tough names?” Another replied: “No, Moon, the dinosaurs did not introduce themselves …”. They say stupid questions don’t exist. But in Beau they were just invented…”, concludes third.

Fortunately for the singer, the mood changes on Twitter when she’s allowed to talk about what she’s been invited to: her collaboration with Jostiband. Where viewers previously laughed at her en masse for asking about dinosaurs, she is now being praised for how much she loved talking about Jostiband.

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