People come here to exercise.

People come here to exercise.

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A ban on alcohol in sports canteens, which Minister of State Martin van Oijen wants to enforce, could win standing ovations from the Dutch darts federations. Darts clubs can’t wait for the ban to become a reality.

If it were up to Secretary of State Van Eugen, there would be no more drinks in sports canteens soon. The Bulls Eye darts club in Remsbeek, which trains every Saturday in the café Het Wapen van Remsbeek, fully supports the proposed alcohol ban. “People come to our darts club primarily to work on their fitness,” says club president John Bruins.

“Having a cup of water or tea around the dart board is no problem at all,” Bruins says. “Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that someone drinks an alcoholic beverage while playing darts. Of course, we are already taking firm measures against this matter, but there is still a lack of legal framework. I am glad that the government is now working on this matter.”

Just in time for bed

According to Bruins, a healthy lifestyle is the norm in the world of amateur darts: “Amateur darts players actually take care of their health 24 hours a day. That starts with breakfast: it is nutritious and not particularly greasy. Weekday evenings are devoted to fitness and yoga And strength training. And of course go to bed on time, because enough sleep is important. All of this is necessary to be at your best in front of the dart board on Saturday night. We may be amateurs, but a good amateur darts player takes the sport seriously. Of course, this is not Includes alcohol.

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