Viaplay buys more motorsports broadcast rights after Formula 1

Viaplay buys more motorsports broadcast rights after Formula 1

Motorsports fans will now find more to their liking in Viaplay. The streaming service has bought more motorsports broadcast rights.

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With the purchase of new broadcast rights Viaplay Feel like F1 TV Pro. This cheaper streaming service mainly specializes in live Formula 1, but ViiPlay emphasizes on a larger scale. Other sports can also be watched live, such as football, darts and hockey, and the sports offering is complemented by entertainment in the form of films, series and documentaries. The sports offer is now expanded with more motorsports.

Race show

Viaplay’s new broadcast rights package in the Netherlands consists of the following series: DTM, advertisementAC GT Masters, ADAC GT4 Germany, GP Confidential, FastZone, Ferrari Challenge, 24 Hours Nürburgring, Formula Regional, Formula 4 Italy, FIA Truck Racing, Porsche Camera Cup Germany. Viable beside this zygo The sport is an important niche for the racing fan who sits at home.

Dutch people

Various races from the purchased broadcast rights package will be run at the Zandvoort circuit in the Netherlands. Many Dutch people are also active in racing competitions.

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