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From the canteen lady to the director: All employees of a large number of auto manufacturers have received a large bonus over the past year. An Italian sports car manufacturer paid the largest sum.

Despite the fact that automakers sold fewer cars on average last year, profitability per vehicle increased in most cases. This led to a number of manufacturers transferring record sums to all employers. Remarkably, American companies paid more bonuses on average.

93,000 employees earn 7,300 euros

Mercedes-Benz has announced that it will pay a record profit-sharing bonus of €7,300 Cars and sports. Approximately 93,000 employees qualify for this. They receive profit sharing with the APR salary. Profit sharing has existed since 1997. Last year the bonus was 6,000 euros.

BMW will transfer a maximum of 9,000 euros to its employees this month. In addition, 1,200 euros were paid to each employee as dividends to the pension system. At Volkswagen, about 125,000 employees receive a performance bonus. Total for 2022 is 3,630 euros. Of this amount, 1,730 euros were already paid last November.

Ferrari pays a record bonus

Ferrari is distributing a record bonus, thanks to record results for 2022. When announcing the annual results, Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna announced that around 5,000 employees of the sports car manufacturer are entitled to a one-time bonus of 13,500 euros. The standard bonus is 12.5 percent higher than last year’s payout.

General Motors has made bonus payments of up to $12,750 to its 40,000 employees — the equivalent of about $11,625. The bonus payment is based on an agreement with the unions that provides for a profit-sharing bonus of $1,000 per billion in profits. Last year’s earnings were nearly $13 billion.

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Stellantis head in the United States more generous

Approximately 13,000 employees of Opel’s parent company Stellantis in Germany receive an annual bonus of €2,000. Still, that’s a pittance compared to what Stellantis American employees (including Dodge, Chrysler, RAM, and Jeep employees) are getting this month, because they’re walking away with the biggest bonus ever. At least, the roughly 40,000 employees are organized into the UAW. They receive up to $14,760 (€13,900) per person.

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