US dealers return electric cars to manufacturer: ‘That’s enough’

US dealers return electric cars to manufacturer: ‘That’s enough’

The electric car is facing difficulties, especially in the United States. Very few electric cars are sold there, which prompts dealers to send them back to the factory. Only when the old stock is sold will there be room for new electric vehicles.

Major American manufacturers are honest: the electric car is definitely not a cash cow. accountants stronghold For example, you opened a book. They reported that the division dealing with electric vehicles would incur a loss of $4.5 billion this year (€4.16 billion). The car manufacturer calculated that it would have to accept the loss in EVs in the first few years, but the accountants did not estimate the loss that much.

Traders are moving

Now the merchants are also frowning. Because they won’t lose their electric cars on the paving stones. They even refuse to buy new EVs from the manufacturer because they already have a large inventory of unsold plug-in vehicles on their premises. No more can be added to that. This creates an interesting problem: more electric cars are being made than ever before, but at the same time they have never been more difficult to sell.

US dealers return the electric vehicle to the manufacturer: "Enough is enough"


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Business interested Explains the problem in the United States. The first group of buyers, the so-called early adopters, now have an electric vehicle. Thanks to them, the share of electric vehicles in the United States is now about 6 percent. Product prices usually fall when new products disappear and supply increases. Not so with electric cars. They are still very impractical for most consumers (small range, few shipping options) and – above all – very expensive. And dealers find it difficult to explain to their customers that they have to invest an extra $10,000 in a vehicle that is less convenient to use.

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Cars are sold in the United States in an average of 54 days. But the electric car collects dust twice as long. However, manufacturers continue to produce electric vehicles, after massive investments have been made to build or renovate factories and retrain employees. At the same time, they could not close their eyes to the problems of the merchants. A solution to this impasse does not yet appear on the horizon. It looks like a lot of water still needs to flow through the river to motivate American motorists to buy an electric car.

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