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Console players who purchase FIFA 22 for Xbox One or PlayStation 4 can only upgrade to the Xbox Series or Playstation 5 edition if they purchase the $100 Ultimate Edition. With FIFA 21, the Standard Edition also had a free upgrade.

in FAQ EA . demonstrates Only FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition is eligible double entitlement. That is, players will have to buy this very expensive version if they are still playing on a previous generation console and want to upgrade to the next generic version. This move is amazing, because with FIFA 21, EA has given players of all versions a free upgrade to the new console versions.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition kost In de PlayStation Store On In de Microsoft Store 100 euros. The regular version costs 80 euros for the new consoles and there is also a version for Xbox One and PS4 which costs 70 euros.

The 80€ version cannot be bought and played on a previous generation console. The $70 version will run on both generations, but playing on an Xbox Series console or PlayStation 5 will be without the next generation improvements.

FIFA 22 will be released on October 1, and Next-gen version gets HyperMotion technology. For this purpose, EA recorded the movements of all football players during matches with Xsens suits. Using this information as the basis and the machine learning algorithm, the animation is calculated in real time. According to EA, this will result in over four thousand new animations in FIFA 22.

Updates are only coming to Xbox Series, PlayStation 5, and Stadia consoles. The PC version is the “last generation” version, EA will do this to keep system requirements low. Also, FIFA 21 on PC did not get the next generation version improvements. Legacy Edition will be released for Switch. No details were revealed about this, but it is assumed to be an update to the current Switch version, without gameplay innovations or graphic improvements.

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FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition

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