Does WhatsApp suddenly seem greener to you?  this is the reason

Does WhatsApp suddenly seem greener to you? this is the reason

WhatsApp is now rolling out its new design with green buttons and icons for all users. According to WhatsApp, the green color suits the brand best. Eventually, everyone will get this new interface.

The iPhone version of WhatsApp has always had blue buttons and icons, but that is definitely changing now. With the new update, WhatsApp makes its new design, including green buttons, available to all iOS users. Many Android users of the chat service have already received this new design in recent months. according to WABetaInfo Now it’s the turn of more iPhone users.

In the new look, WhatsApp has made adjustments to the color scheme and white space on different screens, among other things. WhatsApp said: “Some of our icons and buttons look different, including the shape and color. The shade of green we use has been modified to match our brand color. Some parts of WhatsApp also have more white space than before.”

Soon for everyone

WhatsApp calls the result a “modernized experience,” making the app “accessible and easy to use.” However, many users won’t notice much of it. You cannot change the colors of the application. Eventually everyone will receive this update. “If you haven’t seen these changes yet, that’s right, it may take some time before everyone gets the new version,” WhatsApp says.

After testing the new interface among a selected group of users, WhatsApp incorporated the comments received into the new update. “The updated visuals now appear to be rolling out to a wider audience,” WABetaInfo reports. To get the latest stable update of WhatsApp, you can update the app regularly from the App Store.

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