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new broke down For the PC version of Resident Evil Village, performance issues appear to occur when killing zombies, for example. The crack maker claims that Capcom and Denuvo developer copy protection was the problem.

Fixed all stutters in the game such as killing zombies due to Capcoms Entry points Most of them were taken out mission It will never work again,” says the crack maker Empress for your .nfo crack. What makes it worse is that Capcoms drm It was completely hidden in Denovo vmWhich made things slower.”

Stuttering issues around the release have already been fixed upload By Digital Foundry, among others, who explain it in a video. These also indicate significant performance issues when the player encounters witches surrounded by a swarm of bats. It also appears that these performance issues have been resolved.

Many parties have tested it and they claim that the crack does indeed improve performance. both of them channels On YouTube as John Papadopoulos Van Dark Side of the games.

The crack seems to present another problem

The downside to the crack seems to be that some of the animation, where drm is supposed to do its checks, appears to have been removed entirely. Commenters on the hacking site refer to a Another comparison video Where a magician grabs the player character in various ways in the normal version and basically stares at the player in the slotted version. It is unknown how many animations are missing. Note that the performance in this video cannot be compared simply because the video maker uses two different versions of the GPU driver.

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Denuvo and other forms of copy protection negatively impacting the performance of the games they protect are nothing new. wide range Standards On the YouTube channel Overlord Gaming, for example, I actually showed this in 2018.

This channel also indicated that the crack will not necessarily improve the performance of the game, while removing the same developer for Denuvo has a much greater chance of doing so. Resident Evil Village and Empress’s crack seems to be the exception, with a hitch in the form of missing animation. Capcom may now have the crack, and remove the copy protection itself, which often happens with Denuvo.

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