Eternal Chess: Fundamental Questions of Our Time

Eternal Chess: Fundamental Questions of Our Time

On February 15, Uitgeverij Blauwburgwal will publish the interesting novel “Eternal Chess” by Madelon Beusink. Immerse yourself in the year 2034, where a world dominated by high technology and big data raises new questions about freedom and security. The author takes you on a journey that tests not only the limits of your imagination, but also the moral foundations of our society.

in Eternal chess We follow Alma, an ambitious and determined woman, who aspires to work at the powerful technology company SCIM. Her encounter with an unknown old man and his revealing stories turn her world and her beliefs upside down. This story of generational conflict, depicted through the experiences of three different generations, reflects the conflict between traditional values ​​and inevitable technological progress.

What does freedom even mean?

Posnick's novel is an invitation to reflect on the complexity of our rapidly changing world. Eternal chess It poses fundamental questions of our time: How do we preserve our humanity in an age of ubiquitous technology? Where is the line between privacy and transparency? What does freedom really mean in a world where every action is monitored and analyzed?

With her remarkable ability to fascinate and challenge, Madelon Beusink brings us an unforgettable story that is both modern and timeless. For business lovers like Circle By Dave Eggers, Presentations Eternal chess A similar insight into the future, but with a unique personal touch that will touch and inspire you. Don't miss this novel—it's essential reading for anyone concerned about the future of our society and our place in it.

“Eternal Chess” will be released on February 15, but can be pre-ordered here.

Here is the introduction to “Eternal Chess”:

A short nod means approval, and a quick shake means rejection. Alma is now able to make an assessment after just one look at her screen. Her assessment determined whether someone would be rewarded, or whether correction would be needed based on what she saw – and the associated consequence. The latter happened less frequently, causing her to move her head slightly up and down most of the day. She didn't feel anything about it, it was just what she had to do. Of course, all passed cases were evaluated by the system, but to stimulate and verify the capacity for self-learning, one case out of every hundred thousand was also checked by Alma or one of her many colleagues.

She didn't know any better as she was spending her days at SCIM. If she wasn't home, she was here. Day after day, she could be found behind her desk with people next to her, in front of her, and behind her bearing the same responsibility as her, so she was surrounded by people nodding yes whose names she didn't know.

Alma was once again on her way to becoming the winner of the day, and her slight competitiveness kept her going fanatically. She was in a good flow when suddenly her screen went black and a digital clock appeared in the upper right corner and started counting down. Alma sighed, she knew what this meant. Almost at the same time as everyone around her, she pushed her chair back and stood up to go into the Great Hall. She didn't feel like listening to a speech again. She preferred to be left alone, so she could do her job and not have to think about anything else. These constant unexpected interruptions kept breaking her concentration, meaning she would soon have to start over to find a rhythm.

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She was so deep in thought that she bumped into someone. She cursed loudly and looked annoyed into the dark eyes of the tall, handsome boy who turned to her. They looked at each other for a little longer than the situation warranted, causing Alma to feel a strange tingling sensation that she couldn't identify, running through her body. The moment only lasted a few seconds. Behind them there was a strong push to signal that they should keep walking, which they did. He looked at her again before finally being drawn into the flow of people all moving in the same direction. Alma also meekly allowed herself to be led.

The large platform was to her left. Bright lights illuminated the audience. Long rows of chairs provided space for hundreds of people who streamed through the various entrances and found their seats in silence. Alma turned right and up. She found herself unconsciously scanning the rows next to her, looking for the boy. The strange, pleasurable feeling he gave her unleashed something inside her, something she didn't know yet. How had he not noticed her before? Suddenly her gaze locked with his. Several seats sat to the left of where she walked. He had a neutral expression on his face, but she thought she saw a hint of surprise in his eyes. Or was it confession? She smiled nervously, examining him as she went.

I sat two rows behind him, in a seat right next to the aisle. I looked him up on Primer and his profile came up. His name was Dan. She carefully checked the most important data and then immediately switched to MatchRate, where she saw that her compatibility score was very low. Unfortunately, this would be hopeless. I let out a deep sigh. Why am I disappointed now? She didn't know the whole man. Despite Primer's clear judgement, she couldn't help but glance at him every now and then. Dan looked back over his left shoulder several times, making their eyes meet several times. His smile was seductive. There was an inexplicable attraction that they both clearly felt, making her feel almost uncomfortable.

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She was startled by a gentle hand on her shoulder and smiled when she saw who was standing next to her. She looked at Alexander and the older Emma, ​​the quiet and gentle couple she shared her home with. They were friendly people who did everything together and I felt very comfortable with them. She briefly placed her hand on Emma's, who continued up the stairs after a loving squeeze. Alma saw that it was becoming increasingly difficult for them. They both walked hunched over and Emma sought support from every chair she passed. Alexander held her tightly with her other hand.

Suddenly, I heard loud music across the room. Alma sat in her seat, shaking. Those who had not yet been seated hurried to get a seat. The murmur faded. The attendees were eagerly awaiting what was to come.


Every week or so, all SCIM members were summoned to the Great Hall, usually to hear a speech by one of the company's leaders. But they'd done this whole exercise two days ago, so Alma wondered what would make this meeting interrupt her rest routine.

Suddenly, as the music started, it became quiet. For a moment the hall was completely dark, and then a spotlight was turned on to illuminate the stage. As if out of nowhere, Spinns stood up. Alma sucked in a breath. Spins! She rarely showed herself. There were excited whispers around, which suddenly stopped when Spens raised his hand to silence the crowd, then spoke in his confident but calm manner.

'It's a pleasure to be here again, you beautiful people. It always fills me with a deep sense of pride when I see so many of you together. People who are truly making a difference together in the room. First of all, I want to thank you for all your efforts and hard work!' He stopped and there was thunderous applause.

The man slowly walked back and forth across the stage in his typical slightly hunched pose, completely at ease and clearly in his element. He looked around and nodded happily. As the founder of SCIM, Spinns was one of the most influential people of our time and Alma felt honored and grateful to be one of the people chosen to work with him. Appreciation for the work they did was expressed weekly during speeches, but never before by Spinns himself. The room went silent when he spoke again.

As you know, a safe society requires constant vigilance. This is what we can offer, and this is what we achieve together. This is our strength and this is exactly why things are going so well in our world now. There is peace, order and structure. We can now live free from fears and insecurities because we always make sure we overcome the chaos. We anticipate and therefore never sit down. This is an important lesson that I would like to convey to each of you today. Never sit down, but keep challenging yourself at all times. Look for discomfort. Wherever it rubs, there lies gold. Don't take life for granted, because nothing can be taken for granted. Keep asking yourself what is reality: what is still real? Dare to ask yourself, the answer may come from an unexpected source. Because what does free will mean in a world where limits have been set, but where everything else is possible?

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Spins looked up with a smile, gave a short nod, and the lights went out. It was pitch black again and the room was silent, everyone seemed to be holding their breath in anticipation of what was to come.

“Always be prepared for what you don't expect.”

Alma suddenly heard Spins' voice from a very close distance.

'You are all special. But among you there are those who disagree. They bring additional experiences, even if they are not always aware of it. I want you to look at your right arm. everyone! Look at your arm! Alma did as she was told.

“If you see something there, stop.” Only if there's something visible on your arm, stand up now!' Spinns looked excited.

Alma was surprised to see a bright green square lighting up on her right forearm. She was taken advantage of in many ways and stood in a state of despair. The room was still dark except for the glow of the light of three small green squares. The lights came on and it took her eyes a moment to adjust to the light again. After a while, Alma looked around. She saw hundreds of people staring at her, which made her feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. She looked around, there were other green lights, right?

A few rows in front of her stood a beautiful girl with dark brown hair, whom Alma did not know. But her gaze remained on the boy. It was Zen. She also saw him looking around questioningly, until his gaze met hers. Alma stood dumbfounded. What does all this mean?

Suddenly, she felt a hand on her left shoulder, and Alma turned her head in surprise. Spence was standing next to her, his blue eyes looking directly at her over his small, round glasses.

“Hi Alma.” “It's good to see you again,” he whispered almost inaudibly. “You've already shown what you're capable of. Are you ready for another round?”

“Eternal chess” By Madelon Beusink (252 pages, 21.95) will be published on February 15 by Uitgeverij Blauwburgwal and can already be ordered, including in Shop Winya Week. ISBN 978 94 93340 13 8.

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