The main quest for the missing German Ariane (6) ends: “Everything is given” |  RTL News

The main quest for the missing German Ariane (6) ends: “Everything is given” | RTL News

Aryan disappeared a week ago after running away from his parents' home into a nearby forest. It happened in the city of Elm, northeast of Frankfurt. Since then, the search for the boy has been intense.

The active search for the boy has been suspended and police will only conduct a physical search for Aryan based on the information. “It was a difficult decision,” police told RTL Germany. “She was Race against the clock And I think at some point, a certain amount of realism sets in for a lot of people.

We previously made this video about the research:

Police would like to thank all the volunteers and emergency services who have assisted in the search in recent days.

I pulled out all the stops

During the extensive research, everything was done. For example, fireworks were set off in the hope that Aryan would come to see them, because he loves fireworks. Candy was also hung on trees surrounding the house and balloons were used to try to lure the boy out of the woods.

Footprints were found during a search last weekend. It is not certain that those traces actually came from the boy. Furthermore, any trace of Al-Arian is still missing.

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