Netflix has the number one new TV series of all time

Netflix has the number one new TV series of all time

The larger streaming provider counts their broadcast hours differently to get a fairer view.

Due to the fierce global competition, Netflix strives to maintain its first position. The number of broadcast hours remains very important, but the account has recently changed hands.

Since the new account, Netflix has been looking at so-called “views”. As a result, the top ten English language series of all time has instantly changed hands. Fantasy hit series Wednesday Season 4 of Weird things He was dethroned and is now in first place.

What has changed?

When counting views, two things changed. The number of hours a season takes is also included in the calculation. A season with more episodes counts more hours, which can give you a head start in terms of airing hours.

Moreover, previously Netflix looked at the number of subscribers who finished a series within 28 days, now that’s 91 days. The extended period gives the series more room to grow.

Why did this change?

Netflix strives to get a clear picture of how many subscribers are watching the series. What people do now is look at the number of hours a series was broadcast over a given period (91 days). This number is divided by the number of hours the season takes.

What is the consequence?

Wednesday As a result of the new account, it is in the top 10 of the all-time English-language series. The first season of the series has a total of about 7 hours, and it has been broadcast for 1.71 billion hours.

Season four of Weird things It lasts about 13 hours in total and has been broadcast for 1.83 million hours. The Netflix account came in at 252 million views Wednesdaywhich is higher than Weird things Season 4.

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Is this also true?

Adjustments make the numbers more accurate. However, the account does not show the number of subscribers who watched, by and large, but the number of times the series was watched.

After all, Netflix has about 232 million subscribers. So the figure of 252 million views means that Wednesday Many Netflix subscribers have watched it more than once. The change shows that the company is striving for transparent numbers that provide a realistic view of broadcast hours.

look Wednesday on Netflix.

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