Surprise: The Foo Fighters appear to be behind the mysterious Glastonbury movie The Churnups |  Displays

Surprise: The Foo Fighters appear to be behind the mysterious Glastonbury movie The Churnups | Displays

to updateBig surprise for the Glastonbury crowd: The Foo Fighters are behind the mysterious band The Churnups. At around 7pm NST, the band members entered the Pyramid Theatre, the main stage of the British Festival. “You knew the whole time it was us,” Grohl shouted during the show, which lasted more than an hour. “We’re not good at keeping secrets.”

Without advertisement, the show started with the song all my lifeMuch to the delight of fans. ,,Well, damn it, let’s danceGrohl exclaimed when the song ended. We only have an hour, so we’ll try to play as many songs as we can! “

The band has gone wild, according to NME. Grohl played a small part on the song A song by Metallica From Metallica and then the scum known from Paranoid, Black Sabbath’s most famous track, to the public. Then I put Foo Fighters on a crashed version of Pretendmy class.


Grohl also brought his daughter Violet on stage. Together they sang Show me how. He told the audience that Grohl had written the song for his mother. The singing wasn’t very good, the frontman noticed when the song was over. “It’s great to be on stage with your daughter and then sing out of tune.”

At the end of the show, deceased drummer Taylor Hawkins was also remembered. He passed away last year at the age of fifty. Frontman Dave Grohl said she had the song everlong It is usually played as a kind of farewell to the audience. “But now I want to dedicate the song to Taylor Hawkins. Let’s all sing this song out loud to him.”

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Grohl also said between the nose and the lips that the Foo Fighters will be going on tour next year. He said “You can come back to see us after that”.

There has been speculation for days about The Churnups performing. Speculation grew that it would be the Foo Fighters on Friday when Grohl was spotted on the festival grounds. Fans were convinced it wasn’t an old photo, because the front man was seen with Arctic Monkeys gear. The band will be performing at the Haram Stage later on Friday.

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