Relatives of his ex-wife Andre Hazes distance themselves from the documentary

Relatives of his ex-wife Andre Hazes distance themselves from the documentary

Gobi De Rey, the widow of Ellen, who died in 2005 at the age of 47, said it on Facebook. In a statement, he wrote: “Tonight in the second part of Little boy Photos and videos are shown by Ellen. As survivors, we were never asked or informed of our consent or participation. Given the fact that the monetary gain from this documentary is going to a party with which we do not fully agree with and we believe that the money is being made on the back of our dear Eileen, we called Afrotrus The production company should stop broadcasting or cancel Eileen’s participation.

But the public broadcaster did not respond to his call and was still broadcasting the pictures on Wednesday evening. Joppe continues: ‘Zero on demand. Once again, we deeply distanced ourselves and invite Rachel to donate the proceeds of this series to Jellinek Clinic and to care for the children who have been sexually abused in their lives.

Many friends and acquaintances responded to the widow’s statement, wishing him strength and describing the incident as a scandal.

As a result, the hype surrounding the entire documentary series erupted again. Last week, there was a lot to do for the first episode after Roxanne Hazes announced that she had not granted permission to use other private video images. You can see exactly what happened next in the video below.

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