Neighbor Jan Versteeg uses it as a package point: “A new unwanted profession”

Neighbor Jan Versteeg uses it as a package point: “A new unwanted profession”

“Without knowing it, it seems I have inadvertently started a new career in addition to my existing one,” Jan begins. The bidder now has four packages in his driveway from three different neighbors. And not only to people from his street, but also package deliverers carrying packages for neighbors from surrounding streets know where to find the presenter's home.

Jan had been looking for a package from an online store of sports nutrition and nutritional supplements for two weeks. “If the mountain does not reach Moses, let Moses go to the mountain.” So, perhaps with powder under my arm to make a protein shake, I go to the address on the box.

When we arrived at the neighbor's house, a young boy wearing a tracksuit opened the door. He saw that his package had been delivered elsewhere, but he did not yet need the required creatine. “So he would come get it when he needed it, but it's so nice to have it now,” Jan writes.

Jan returns home confused. 'At home I research what creatine actually does. It seems to help athletes improve their efforts. Obviously walking short distances to an informal ejection point doesn't help.'

The presenter suggests that it might be helpful to establish a rule for accepting packages for others. “If it is not collected within a certain period of time, can you keep it?” This is a great incentive for both the rightful owner and the temporary recipient.

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