Intel processor: Arc A750 17% faster than RTX 3060

Intel processor: Arc A750 17% faster than RTX 3060

In anticipation of the official presentation of the first Arc Alchemist video cards in the West, Intel has already shared more information about the Arc A750. For example, Ryan Shrout not only revealed the self-developed limited edition, but also showed some gaming benchmarks.

For example, a mid-range GPU should maintain its own benchmark against the RTX 3060: According to Intel’s internal benchmarks, the A750 is on average 13% faster than an Nvidia card in five games at 1,440p and high settings. . The difference is between 6 (Fortnite) and 17 percent (F1 2021) in favor of the Intel chip.

As usual, take these first tip measures with a grain of salt.

Exact specifications are not discussed, although the photo shows that the card uses an 8-pin and 6-pin power plug. According to rumors published by Moore’s Law Is Dead, this model will be equipped with 28 Xe cores (448 EUs) and 8 GB gddr6 with 256-bit memory bus. The maximum power consumption is estimated at 225 watts.

The first Alchemist cards are expected in the summer, although it’s not clear how much they’ll cost. In any case, it seems Intel won’t produce many reference designs, given the use of the term Limited Edition.

Intel (Youtube)And the video card

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