iPhone 16 Pro gets a new design: The biggest change in years?

iPhone 16 Pro gets a new design: The biggest change in years?

More and more details about the new iPhone 16 are leaking. This time it is about the alleged design of the new iPhone 16 Pro. The new iPhone appears to have a special button on the side dedicated to taking photos. Apple will also give the camera module a new design.

Each time a new piece of the puzzle is added that makes the picture of the new iPhone 16 clearer and more complete. The leaked CAD render, shown below, shows the cover and button design.

This design is intended for manufacturers of accessories, such as holsters, to start their production in a timely manner. So it's definitely not intended for the outside world, but the changes in the iPhone naturally attract attention.

Selfie button

Anyone who still dutifully presses the on-screen button to take a selfie, or frantically uses the volume buttons on the side, will be happy to hear that the new button will make selfies easier. The button is conveniently located below the lock button.

The shutter button is said to be pressure sensitive, which can be useful for adjusting focus and zooming in and out.

start button

The design also reveals the new position of the action button, which is the button that was added in the iPhone 15 Pro (Max). You can set this button to launch specific apps or commands on your iPhone, such as turning on the flashlight or opening the camera.

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Even bigger?

One of the CAD design features leaked by 91mobiles, is that it shows the dimensions in great detail, eventually it should be possible to adopt it by cover manufacturers. From this we can deduce the size of the iPhone 16 Pro, which is: 149.6 x 71.4 x 8.4 mm. For comparison, the current iPhone 15 Pro measures 146.6 x 70.6 x 8.25 mm.

Therefore, the new model will be larger than its predecessor. This is especially advantageous because this larger chassis is able to accommodate more components, making the device better as a whole.

The camera island has been fixed

Other leaked CAD designs for the iPhone 16, subscriber By Majin Bu, showing the redesigned camera module, where the camera sensors are placed vertically, similar to the iPhone

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