Are you afraid of cats?  This is why they come to you

Are you afraid of cats? This is why they come to you

Normal for humans and scary for cats

Cat lovers often seek direct contact with cats. For example, if you come somewhere and see a cat, you will often want to immediately approach it, lure it, pet the cat and, above all, look at the cat. No matter how much you like it, this method of communication may seem very scary to cats.

Looking a cat in the eye and staring at it can lead to aggression. After all, when cats argue with each other, it usually starts with a staring contest. For people, looking is often meant politely or affectionately, but for cats it has a different meaning. People who don't like cats, or are even afraid of them, often don't pay attention to the cat and certainly don't look the cat directly in the eyes. It is precisely this behavior that attracts the cat. It ensures that the cat is more likely to move towards that person.

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Would you like to learn more about communicating with cats? Then watch the video below.

Are you thinking about buying a cat or kitten? Takes here lets take alook. Did you know that cats and kittens are increasingly being placed in pairs with new owners these days? This creates a very pleasant mutual atmosphere and communication.

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