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I’ve been using alexa since day one (UK import) at max power (4x echo/dot + 50 lights/spot etc). I wouldn’t easily recommend it to anyone. why not?, I really didn’t see any improvement in optimization or new features.

Amazon could lose $10 billion this year by continuing to develop and support the Alexa voice assistant. “

I find this debatable, as an end user I don’t see any of this. There are a lot of “dumb” things and functions that don’t work, half or irrationally.

You can (limitedly) do a routine; Light on, light on, music playing Turn off the music No, music should always be the last thing in your routine.

So simple circuit quot;
Turn on the bathroom fan, turn on the bathroom lights, play music in the bathroom […] Wait 20 minutes Turn off the music, lights and fan -impossible-. Because music in-should-always be last ????

Who makes this? There are more teasers, “after 4-5 years of development (hahahahahaha)” only half or not at all.

Example 2: Region lock
The features work through skills (“Apps”), but they are region bound (depending on the location selected by the main Alexa user). For example, I can only use my xiaomi vacuum cleaner robot when I “move” to Singapore – that’s when I can download/activate the skill. I do, ok, but then my other ecovacs cleaning robot no longer works, because it wants a UK amazon account. GRRRRRR So you choose, one of the two cleaning robots can work. For example, there are more skills that have an area lock.

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example 3; Account/family restriction
It is possible to give family members access to Alexa; This way you can (theoretically) ask about your appointments of the day. Depending on who is speaking, Alexa is aware of this. But […..] This is only possible if that person is in the same address/country etc. as the main user. However, I have to change it because of the closed area skills. I have now tried to rectify this through Amazon customer service; Turns out it’s not possible, and my friend’s new Amazon account also doesn’t solve this problem. Amazon customer service cannot solve this problem [..]

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