Mozilla buys VR Active Replica

The active replica goes to Mozilla

Mozilla is expanding. Best known for the Firefox web browser, the company is taking another step into the metaverse with the acquisition of Active Replica.

Active Replica was founded in 2020 as a platform for meetings and events in VR. The company sells packages that include designs for meeting rooms and event venues. Event schedules, live entertainment, and technical assistance are also provided in packages by Active Replica.

Mozilla Senior Vice President Imo Udom says Active Replica will contribute to the browser giant’s “Hubs” project. Hubs was founded in 2018 as an experiment in virtual social interactions. It is an open source project that is completely web based. As a result, most VR headsets can simply be plugged in and used with Hubs and users without VR glasses can also participate.

The fact that Active Replica was acquired by Mozilla does not seem to be a coincidence: after all, the services offered by Active Replica are built on Hubs. According to Mozilla management, the acquisition will thus ensure that Hubs can expand further. For example, work will be done on personal subscription formulas and on new ways of interacting within the metaverse.

Especially since the personal subscription formula seems great. When Hubs launched in 2018, it was still free to enter the metaverse. Today you pay 20 euros a month for this. So you get different tools to manage and customize your account and position. Active replication will help determine what these subscriptions will look like in the future and which features will cost how much money.

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Try out the metaverse

If you want to look at the Mozilla metaverse, you can do so via a The location of the axes. Metaverse active replicas It looks a lot shinier, but it’s made up of the same basic building blocks. However, it wouldn’t take long before the difference was cleared up. It is true that Hubs is still in Early Access and the paid version is only available to residents of the UK, Canada, US and Germany. However, everyone can already take a look at the free version and invite different people.

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