Johan Dirksen and Helen Hendricks name potential new presenters for HLF8

Johan Dirksen and Helen Hendricks name potential new presenters for HLF8

circular HLF8 There is a lot to do. Now that it is known that Johnny de Mol will not be returning, Léonie Ter Brac is moving to RTL and Hélène Hendriks does not want to present the talk show every day, the search for a new presenter is seriously. According to Johan, one has already been found. “Today I found out who Hélène’s successor is. This has already completely leaked out, because 100 people here already know. But this seems to be Sam Hagens.” Sam is currently working as a political correspondent for the John de Mol group of channels.

Helen, who is also sitting at the table in orange winterHe immediately says, “It’s not far yet, you know. But they’re working on it.” According to her, Sam doesn’t want to give up politics, so he’s not going to do it five days a week anyway. “I think there will be a bunch of presentations. He’s one of the candidates. Now they’ll sit down with him and see if there’s anything at all.”

It remains to be seen if someone inexperienced as a presenter can lead a talk show. “I don’t think it’s surprising that they give a young man a chance,” says Johan. Helen adds, “He really wants it. He’s very ambitious. He really wants to give it.” But Johan also sees danger: “He has to take into account that if it doesn’t work out, he can also burn himself in one go.”

According to entertainment expert Rob Goossens HLF8 Just stop now because Johnny won’t give it up anymore. You can see more about it in the video below.

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