Katja Schurmann: Frick is back on the love track very quickly

Katja Schurmann: Frick is back on the love track very quickly

While Katja Schuermann, 47, and ex-husband Theis Roemer, 43, are living their lives as friends, it’s currently different with ex-husband Frick Van Nortwick. Opposite “AD” she opens a book about broken love.

“Our lives were so intertwined. This separation, it was a thing for me”

Katya and Frick decided in November to end their festive wedding. “Our lives have been so intertwined. This breakup, it was a thing for me. We only broke up in November. It just should take time.”

The presenter felt “stupid”. “Frick made it a little more complicated by getting back on the love path fairly quickly. I found that painful and complicated. It also took the attention and energy away to do it together in the best way possible for Coco.”

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Although it may still be new and difficult for Katya, she hopes the sharp edges will wear off over time. She already thought that she would instantly become friends with Freek after the break, just as she is now with former Thijs. “In my memory – but I have a bad memory – I divorced Thijs and we were friends straight away.” However, the fork was slightly different in the stem. “We seldom spoke to each other in the first months, and if we did, we would argue. It stands to reason that time must pass. But then, I have an idea of ​​what it must be like: that everything is fine, we have a little boy, We’re going to make some damn things out of it.”

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The introduction also tells why something went wrong between her and the chef. She thought that she and Frick were the same, but later it turned out that love blinded her. The two are very different in life. “I thought he’s younger, maybe he’ll change. Thinking you can change someone is a misunderstanding. In recent years there’s been a lot of conflict, annoyance, stress. It’s also good that you don’t have that anymore.”

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Katya herself does not have to think about a new love for a while. “I’d probably be courting in the summer, or one of them would be staying overnight, but could leave soon,” she says.

Earlier this week, Katya appeared in the news for a campaign for a shoe brand. The presenter is a model, but in the background of the photo are two children who seem to have no show. Many people find it distasteful that children are used for this. You can see Katya’s reaction in the video below.

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