British Prime Minister Liz Truss resigns

British Prime Minister Liz Truss resigns

After only a month and a half in the prime minister’s seat, Liz Truss is giving up again. This makes her the shortest-ever British Prime Minister. There should be a successor within a week.

She announced in a speech at 10 Downing Street today that she will be stepping down as leader of the Conservative Party. At her official residence, Truss spoke to key figures within the party about the growing pressure. She will remain the UK’s Prime Minister until a new successor is elected.

Liz Truss has been criticized for her controversial budget plans

Her position was already faltering: the prime minister had been under fire for weeks. This all has to do with the “mini budget” she prepared with her finance minister, Kwasi Kwarting. In this they wanted to cancel tens of billions of pounds in taxes and borrow money to bridge that gap. This caused such chaos in the financial markets that even the Bank of England had to intervene. Truss partially reversed her plan last week and sent Kwarteng out last week.

The Conservative Party has fallen sharply in opinion polls since Truss took office in September. Party members openly questioned her credibility. A number of Conservative MPs have already called on the British prime minister to resign. Fourteen party members are said to have indicated that it was time for Truss to leave. One committee member allegedly told a journalist:The chance is smallThat Truss will end his day as prime minister.

Who will be her successor?

According to British media, new leadership elections will follow and the country may have a new prime minister as early as next week. Even before Truss’ resignation, there was already speculation about a successor. Party members cite former finance minister Rishi Sunak, current finance minister Jeremy Hunt and even veteran Boris Johnson. He resigned from the premiership a month and a half ago, after a series of scandals.

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The term of the British Prime Minister Liz Truss is very short: she resigns after 45 days

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