Mixed feelings with Anders Junker after World Cup elimination: ‘If it was possible, it’s now’ |  FIFA Women’s World Cup

Mixed feelings with Anders Junker after World Cup elimination: ‘If it was possible, it’s now’ | FIFA Women’s World Cup

On the other hand, I am very disappointed that we did not reach the semi-finals. It would have been. On the other hand, I am very proud, ”said Junker after the quarter-final loss to Spain (2-1 after extra time). We had great weeks with a great staff and a great team.

Junker, who succeeded sacked coach Mark Parsons as national coach after a disappointing European Championship in England last year, believes the Orangemen have reconnected with the world number one. If you played 0-1 against Germany, 1-1 against America and 1-1 against Spain in normal time, you are there again. So you are cool again. But actually we want to be the best kept secret. And then we should have won here,” said Junker, who admitted his team didn’t have much to say against the Spanish women, especially before the break.

“Spain is putting us under constant pressure. If you build then on your half, you’re asking for trouble. Adel Adel: Spain’s a bit better than us. We fought for what we deserved. Especially in extra time, we had two huge chances maybe on The winning goal.

The national coach had a feeling his team could have gone even further, or maybe they could have become world champions. “If it had happened before, it was now. If I had also beaten Spain, a lot of good teams would have already gone home. Then we were convinced that we could win the next match (against Japan or Sweden, ed.) and be in the final .But okay, don’t be nervous about it: We’re back on top of the world.”

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Lynneth Berenstein

Juncker believes VAR went wrong when, after an hour’s play, Lenneth Berenstein was pushed by Irene Paredes in front of Spain’s goal and fell. Referee Stephanie Frappart initially signaled the penalty spot, but decided on the advice of the VAR after viewing the images that there was no question of a penalty. “Obviously I only saw it happen once on the field. Then I thought: Referee, you’re doing it wrong, it’s not a penalty kick,” Junker said. “But I just watched him repeat 27 times and I think the VAR made a mistake.”

More than fifteen minutes after this incident, the referee initially gave a corner kick to Spain, after the ball had crossed the back line through Stephanie van der Graagt. Then VAR intervened again and decided to award a penalty due to Van der Gragt’s hands in the penalty area. Spain scored 1-0 in the 81st minute. Juncker did not want to say whether he felt robbed in this regard. “I can shout strong words, but people make mistakes and I think that was a mistake,” said the national coach. ,, This does not detract from Spain’s victory. It is due.

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