1400 Orange fans in a duel with Argentina but: the first leg ...

1400 Orange fans in a duel with Argentina but: the first leg …

The Netherlands national team is feeling the support of 1,400 fans at the World Cup tonight. You could say that all these people took the trouble to travel all the way to Qatar. But it’s a bit of a shock when you compare how many fans Argentina bring to the desert. It is expected that 50 thousand (!) Crazy Argentines will shout at Lionel Messi and his teammates …

The Orange – Argentina match (8 pm) is the second quarter-final match in the Qatar World Cup. This afternoon, Brazil and Croatia will play for the first time. Morocco – Portugal and England – France will follow tomorrow. Holland resist In the group stage along Senegal, Ecuador and Qatar and in the round of 16 against the United States. So now Messi is waiting for Brazil or Croatia to win.

Another 400 are Orange supporters

In fact, there will be about a thousand Orange fans in the stands of Lusail Stadium. These supporters have already obtained a ticket through the KNVB. The Dutch Football Association reported that four hundred more people had purchased an entry ticket through FIFA channels in recent days. This is after winning 3-1 against America in the first match of the knockout stage.

Lusail Stadium, which stands on the sand in a new city where no other construction has yet been completed, can seat approximately 90,000 people. Argentine fans are expected to occupy more than half of the stadium’s seats. The South Americans have been supported throughout the tournament by a loyal fan base, just like Brazil. In that respect, the Orange quarter-finals should feel like an away game. Many Orange supporters will be watching the performance of national coach Louis van Gaal and his players at the Johan Cruyff Arena.

The Argentina fan sold the car

Where Orange fans keep quiet in terms of numbers during the FIFA World Cup, the Argentines can’t be kept quiet. He. She NPO Radio 1 Magazine Yesterday a fan who sold his car claimed to be able to attend the match between the Netherlands and Argentina. “Yes, we are crazy.” news agency too AP He beat a fan who was beating his drum fanatically. “Argentina!” A two-time world champion fan screams as he thumps a musical instrument. AP on me. On one side of his drum is a picture of Diego Maradona. On the other, we are introduced to Lionel Messi, who wants to wrap up his fifth and final world tour with his first title. Paulo, as the drummer turns out to be called, is surrounded by hundreds of Argentines. Singing and bouncing. All around On the balconies of Souq Waqif, Doha’s old souk, fans in blue and white shirts join in. For more than two weeks, Argentine songs have reverberated through Doha, the streets, the subway and, of course, the stadiums.”

No country has brought to Qatar as many fans as Argentina. Estimates of the size of the army of supporters vary from over 40,000 to – tonight against Orange – just under 50,000. They sleep in hotels and campsites but also on the beach. Doha is not a cheap city. Paolo also knows stories from fans who have sold their cars or borrowed at high interest rates.

Blue and white instead of orange

“But most fans save four years for that,” says the drummer, who traveled to Qatar in more than 20 hours. The return ticket alone cost him 400,000 pesos, about 2,200 euros. “But you’re not there yet,” Paolo said before hitting the drum hard again. He and his friends see a group of Brazilians, who barely look back but raise five fingers. Each finger represents a world title.

It’s no different from Orange. The stands will be painted blue and white during the quarter-final with Argentina, with a little bit of orange here and there. In Argentina, in the run-up to the World Cup, human rights in Qatar were rarely discussed, says Paolo. “Only one thing matters,” he says. “Messi must become the world champion. Then everyone will know who is the best soccer player of all time.”

Brazilians are criticized during the World Cup in Qatar for “mistreatment of cats”

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1,400 Orange fans in a duel with Argentina, but we’re playing an “away game”

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