Matthijs van Nieuwkerk participates in NPO research at DWDD |  The media

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk participates in NPO research at DWDD | The media

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk takes part in the NPO’s research into working conditions in the programme The world goes on. The investigation with public broadcasting is partly turned into a commission.

The NPO’s investigation focuses on the question of what the signals were about violations that occurred and what happened to those signals. There was strong criticism of the fact that the public broadcaster itself is leading the investigation. This would jeopardize the independence of the investigation.

That’s why the empowered client chooses now. Government Commissioner for Behavior Across Borders Mariette Hammer said Friday on the KRO-NCRV programme speech makers.

Volkskrant I reported last Friday, based on conversations with seventy program staff, that Van Nieuwkirk regularly belittled and intimidated staff.

Since then, Van Nieuwkerk has broken off his collaboration with BNNVARA. The broadcaster offered assistance to all three hundred former employees of the programme. Medialane, the company that employs Van Nieuwkerk, has not yet responded substantively to the revelations.

Frans Klein, video director at the NPO, also has his duties Stipulated. He did not leave the Public Broadcasting Corporation permanently. As media director for BNNVARA at the time, Klein was closely involved in the recording The world goes on.

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