Martijn and Boy wanted to stop participating in Buy Without Watching |  RTL Street

Martijn and Boy wanted to stop participating in Buy Without Watching | RTL Street

In the latest episode of Buy Without Looking, real estate agent Alex van Keulen is able to work with a good budget to find a home for Boy and Martijn. The search is not easy and the couple becomes very impatient, which is why they seem to briefly consider leaving the program…

“It all takes a long time.”

Martine and Boy live in Utrecht, but dream of a house in Deventer. The search for their dream home does not go smoothly. Therefore assistance from the program is very welcome. With a budget of €440,000, it was up to estate agent Alex to find the perfect home for Martijn and Boy.

The wish list is clear: a single-family home with a garden, at least two bedrooms, an open kitchen, a bathroom with two sinks, a workplace for the boy, and a driveway for two cars. The latter causes Bob Sikes to startle: “Now it's getting really crazy.”

The franchise clock is set for 56 days and Alex is confident. Regarding the research, he says: “I am sure we will succeed at it, but it brings with it another challenge: if you have a choice, you want to choose the best option.”

Even before zero appears in the dreaded hour of surrender, the men become nervous. They are eagerly awaiting Alex's arrival. What the couple doesn't know is that the real estate agent has already purchased a house before the clock is up and that no bad news is imminent.

It's up to broadcaster Martijn Krabbé to deliver this good news. Although he doesn't have to rely on the cheerful Martine. “He's very eccentric. It takes a long time for him. (…) In fact, he doesn't need it anymore,” says a colleague. The presenter knows what awaits him: putting his name out of his misery.

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“You've been angry all week,” Martin confronts him. Fortunately, he was able to put a smile on his face: “We bought a house.” They then visited the boy, who was also thinking of surrendering. “I got a little tired of it,” he reveals. The search took a long time, which caused him to run out of patience.

It's a good thing they waited, because the couple was so happy when they saw the house. Bob and Ross then work with their teams to turn the house into a home. The men no longer recognized the house. “It's really incredible,” Martin says excitedly. “It's so beautiful.” In the end, it was worth the ten months of waiting.

Buy without looking See you every Monday at 8:30pm on RTL 4. Or look forward to Videoland.

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