MAFS candidates look back: “Would you do it again like this” |  Currently

MAFS candidates look back: “Would you do it again like this” | Currently

And over a million viewers saw a large portion of weddings in Season 6 of Married at first sight (MavsIt did not last. Despite this, participants “Rin” and “Susan” view the experience very positively, they say in a conversation with

“It was a wonderful experience,” says Ryan van Gasteil. “The result is different from what was hoped and this is a shame, but it is part of the experience.”

The 35-year-old Harlemmer linked up with Danny on the show. At first, their clicks looked promising. “Danny isn’t the type that I would fall for right away, but he’s a really nice guy and I’m starting to see him as relationship material. I noticed he was working on a list in his head with: I have to know this and that before making the decision, while I just wanted to get to know him in a calm way.” “.

“After the recordings we had a nice call, he came to help out at my new home and we got to know each other’s friends. But in some ways it just didn’t work,” he explains.

Rin wanted to stay married at the “moment of decision-making”, as he handed his partner his ring. “We haven’t talked to each other in a while, but we still have a glass of wine together anyway. I don’t know if there is still friendship in that. I think it’s hard to let that out of the experience.”

Susan and Bert at their wedding.

Susan and Bert at their wedding.

Susan and Bert at their wedding.

Photo: NT Visuals

Click and pull missing

36-year-old Susan Books married to a stranger. Her marriage to Bert didn’t last: although the latter was open to building a relationship, Susan missed her “love flick.”

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“I understand the match: We are both real social and lively. But you have to feel a certain click and gravitas, which is what I was missing. We don’t have a fight, if we talk then that’s fine.”

Although Zutphen’s fellow countryman has no relationship, she, like fellow nominee Rein, looks back on an unforgettable experience. It is often said, but it is really a roller coaster. You experience such special things. Fairy tale about a wedding, a beautiful journey – no one will take you with these experiences. If asked: Would you do this again? Say definitely ‘yes’.

Weddings in the sixth season of MAFS

  • The older couple Freddy and Silvia decided to stay married, but Genk told them to get a divorce. Sylvia has become seriously ill and does not want to “do” to Freddie. They are still good friends.
  • Aaron and Monique were the only couple who did not struggle and decided to remain married.
  • Lizzy and Lars got well, but cracks began to form in their relationship towards the end. They are divorced.
  • Daisy and Mick didn’t click with each other: so the viewer was not surprised when they decided to turn over their episodes.

Lots of hate reactions

Less positive for all side effect MavsThe experience is that many candidates have been overwhelmed with hate reactions on social media. Rin and Susan also had to deal with this.

“When you come on TV, you know you have to take it, but sometimes I get disrespectful reactions, the dogs just don’t like it,” Raine says. “I have thick skin, but every now and then it pierces that skin and you notice how people can be.”

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The episode in which Rayne briefly discussed her new husband with his best friend Petra, aroused the most intense hatred for him. “I spent all week deleting comments on Instagram.”

Susan also decided to ignore the negative reactions. “That was difficult sometimes, especially because I want to provide explanations to get people to understand certain events. But the more reactions you give, the more food people have to negatively deal with.” With other candidates from Mavs Can I talk about that, we have a lot of contacts. If you share it with friends, they don’t fully understand it. “

Danny (left) and Renn (right).

Danny (left) and Renn (right).

Danny (left) and Renn (right).

Photo: NT Visuals

Mavs It is a true learning experience

Both Rein and Suzan gained more self-knowledge through experience. “We noticed“ typical Rein things, ”like when the couple were out for dinner, De Haarlemmer says during the episode review. Falling in love can’t help Elvis Presley played in the background and asked Danny Ryan if he knew himself in the lyrics.

Then Ryan ignored the question, which also elicited few reactions. “I’m allergic to it if someone seeks confirmation, and then I go cocoon. It might not be that good and next time I’ll do it differently.”

Mavs It’s a really educational experience, “adds Susan. I am cheerful, I want to please everyone. It cost me energy in this program, because I kept ignoring myself and setting my limits too late. I knew it, but now I’ve seen it so often that I think: I have to do something about it. “

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