Julian on her age issues: 'Discrepancy deterrent'

Julian on her age issues: ‘Discrepancy deterrent’

Her age is her biggest insecurities. Julien was certainly not happy when Maxime in Episode 4 decided to stress once again that Julien is in fact ‘only’ 24. “It just feels insecure on my part,” Jolijn now opens a book. “And this was said all of a sudden out of the blue. I’m also a person who wants to be in control and now I’ve lost control because someone else was telling me that.”

“It’s also my own thing, because I find it so hard about what I really want and the way I want to go, that I can’t find peace,” Golligen continues. “I’ve experienced a lot of maturity, so it’s often inconsistency that scares others. I’m also very strict with myself about it. I’ve been so many times that they say, ‘You’re still so young, you come off first.'” enjoy the life. Stop it, I’ll decide for myself.”

Her age is also regularly discussed on Twitter and viewers think BSC Make it look bigger. Something Julian hears every day. Fortunately, she can laugh about it herself: “It’s what it is, I have an old head… that’s just the way it is.” my life story.”

Will Julligen get another rose next week? You will see that next Thursday in a new episode of BSC in Videoland. all episodes very comfortable Do you think over here.

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