Viewers watch Debbie from a bed and breakfast full of love: 'Send her to the North Pole' |  television

Viewers watch Debbie from a bed and breakfast full of love: ‘Send her to the North Pole’ | television

In a conversation with Art, Debbie noted that she’s missing out on depth with Gilmer and Pascal, the guys she’s currently dating. As he put it, Gilmer had not yet seen them “enough to be able to give an opinion”. “I think that’s because it’s in Pascal’s shadow,” Debbie says. Arte suggests she separates the men so she can do it alone with Gilmer.

“Yes, but Gilmer could ask me that too, right?” Debbie replied, a little annoyed. “Well, I’m sorry, I’m just suggesting something here,” Art sighs. Debbie: “That’s what it is. Nothing has started by itself yet.” She decided Gilmer was “probably not the right person” for her.

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North Pole

Viewers of the show on Twitter react with amazement. “Even for art, she’s a bitch. What a secret Debbie, yuk,” wrote one viewer. Another thinks Debbie is playing a ‘game’: “Cluedo to be exact. It’s clearly Mrs. Redhart. Cruel, cool, and relentless.”

One viewer even claims that he has found the solution to the melting of the ice caps: “They have to send Debbie to the North Pole, and then the problem will be solved immediately.” Another Twitter user concluded that Debbie is “full of issues”: “Debbie always wants men to make an effort for her, but she doesn’t show anything at all, except for an arrogant attitude. She really thinks she’s won the jackpot. Women are full of issues.”

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