Humble drummer Jeremiah Green (45) dies on New Year’s Eve | show

Jeremiah Green, drummer for the band Temperate Mouse, died on New Year’s Eve at the age of 45. The American rock band announced the news on Instagram. Green had been suffering from cancer for some time.

“There is no way to mitigate this: today we lost our dear friend Jeremiah,” the band members wrote. “He lay down to rest and died. I would like to say some kind words now, but this is not the time. Those will come later, and from many people.”

Green band members write that they really like the drummer. “Please appreciate all the love you give, receive, give, and you will receive.”

Modest Mouse has been around since 1993, but only broke through in 2004. The band did just that with their fourth album Good news for those who like bad news. They also scored a hit with it, float on.

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