From rotten lettuce to Airbnb: Brits can also laugh at Truss’ departure

From rotten lettuce to Airbnb: Brits can also laugh at Truss’ departure

The resignation of Liz Truss as British Prime Minister causes political chaos in the United Kingdom. But many Britons can also see the humor in it. Several memes and jokes are circulating on social media about Truss’ resignation. We list a few of them.

Perhaps the video below best sums up her time as British leader. Truss took office in early September with great enthusiasm and confidence, but soon had to leave the political arena as prime minister.

Britain’s Daily Star laughed last week when the newspaper opened up a competition between truss and head of lettuce. The newspaper wondered who would survive the longest. Today they’re honoring the winner: Head of Lettuce.

British Prime Minister Liz Truss loses a head of lettuce


Truss is by far the shortest serving Prime Minister of Great Britain and this causes great mirth. For example, this tweeter claimed a few days ago that a bottle of washing-up liquid lasts longer than three Conservative prime ministers.

A few years ago, the football-loving Netherlands was surprised at how quickly Frank de Boer was expelled from the Crystal Palace football club. He was there for 77 days. With what we know now, it wasn’t that bad.

To make the transition to a new prime minister as smooth as possible, the official residence of the British prime minister might well have a new door installed.

Meanwhile, a new candidate for prime minister soon emerges. It is a familiar sight for the British.

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Source: RTL News

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