Good news for fans of 'Godzilla vs.  Kong: The franchise continues

Good news for fans of ‘Godzilla vs. Kong: The franchise continues

For fans, the question was whether MonsterVerse would last after Godzilla vs. Hong. Earlier this week, we already saw a video from Legendary Pictures alluding to an even bigger future for the franchise and now that photo has been confirmed.

Josh Grod, CEO of Legendary Entertainment, says the production company has several plans for future MonsterVerse movies. There may be many more to come.

More projects
One of these future projects has already been announced: a collaboration between Legendary and Netflix. These two companies create an anime-like series set on Skull Island. But there is more to come.

During a conversation with Deadline, Grod said Legendary Entertainment is charting the future of MonsterVerse now. Big box office success Godzilla vs. Kong Thus it leads to more movies in the future.

Grod said movies are on the way, too. with words “We have several ideas for films.” Fans can be reassured. This is not surprising, because Godzilla vs. Kong It appears to be a hit at the box office, despite the Corona pandemic still shutting down cinemas around the world and the fact that the film in the US is also being shown on HBO Max.

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